Agenda Use the Dolibarr Agenda as a common shared calendar enhanced with features dedicatedto your ERP / CRM (links to your customers, employees, projects, invoices, ...) Create manually events, past or future Record your events in the embedded agenda : Past events for tracking purpose, or Future events for remind purpose. Assign events to a customer/contact, project [...]

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Interventions Create intervention record. Convert your interventions into invoices to bill your customers. Create intervention record to track intervention to do or done. Attach your intervention to a project if you want to have your intervention visible in the 360 degree view of projects. Use any predefined products or services to fill quickly your intervention record, or enter [...]

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Projects, Tasks

Projects, Tasks Projects and tasks are useful to follow leads, opportunities or projects. Track also how much your projects can bring back to your company, and their profit or cost. Create Projects, Leads or Opportunities Use the Dolibarr project according to your need. Follow Leads, Opportunities, Internal, customer or supplier projects. Add the predefined fields of your choice to [...]

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