Manufacturing Materials Resources Planning BOMs Define your nomenclatures (BOMs) to produce new products. Soon available in v10... Manufacturing Orders Reuse the predefined BOMs to generate your Manufacturing Orders. Soon available in v11... Lot and serial management If you need to, you can use the Lot/Serial number management. Products defined to be managed by Lot will require a [...]

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Shipments Use the shipping module to track your picking list, orders and quantity to ship or shipped Create your shipments in one click from any order. Compare the quantity shipped with the quantity to ship. Define the planned date of delivery for each of your shipment so you can process them by priority or follow late shipments. If you [...]

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Purchase and Supply

Purchase and Supply Manage your Purchase Orders workflow, Restock your warehouses. Purchase orders Create Purchase Order, Approve, Receive and Bill your Purchase Orders . Grant users or groups permissions on the workflow. Defined threshold to email notifications automatically. Receive your products If you follow your stock, use the stock dispatching wizards to receive products in your emplacement / warehouses. Valorisation of your stock is always up to [...]

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Stocks and warehouses management

Stocks and warehouses management Manage stock and warehouses (emplacement) If you need to, you can add support for Lot or Serial numbers Warehouses Organize your warehouses and emplacements. Use them to store your products and define movements. Follow you stock per product references, warehouse, date and or lot/serial number. Get an always up to date valorization of your [...]

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Products, Services

Products, Services Manage your product and service catalog, your prices and margin Manage your products and services catalog Create and update your product or service catalog. You will be able to reuse them in any other features with one click (proposals/quotations, orders, invoices, stocks). Manage differently the sale or purchase status. A lot of native data can [...]

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