Timesheets Enter time spent on user friendly time sheets. See impact on project profit. Fill your time sheet using the interface that suits your need Several solutions are available to enter your time sheets, from a week grid... from a day grid... Input per week   Input per day or from the project or from a specific task... Enter (or not) the progression [...]

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Leave Requests

Leave Requests Allows your employee to make leave requests. Let the system decrease automatically the balance of remaining holidays once approved. Follow different types of leaves According to your country and laws, define all the types of leaves request to manage and how they are managed. Create a leave request Give your employees the permission to create [...]

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Expense Reports

Expense Reports Let your employees record their expense reports. Approve and follow their payment. Expenses reports feature offers a workflow to let your employees make their expense report. The manager will receive alerts to refuse or approve the expense report. You can also follow if it has been paid or not. Expense report requests Let your employees [...]

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Employees and users

Employees and users Manage your employees and let your employees manage their activity and holidays Create your employee / user accounts Creating an account for your employees will allow them to access data in Dolibarr and to interact on any enabled features such as third parties, business documents, and any modules according to their permissions. Create [...]

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