Double entry accounting

Double entry accounting Use all your data to generate automatically your ledger Dolibarr has a dedicated and independent feature to setup your accountancy and dispatch all data already recorded (products, sales, purchases, expense reports, salaries, ...) into your ledger tables. So your accountancy can be done in few clicks with very a low need of book keeper knowledge. Setup your chart [...]

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Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation Make your reconciliation to detect any missing or typing errors of payment recording Make the reconciliation of your bank account from the same grid than the list to consult your bank account. Use filters to flag several lines at once as reconciled. Get warnings when number of record not reconciled is too high. Keep history of your bank receipts and [...]

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Billing & Payments

Billing & Payments Manage the invoices and payments of your customers or suppliers Create your Invoices Create your invoices (common invoices, down payments, credit notes) from scratch or from your customer sheet. Depending on the modules/features you enabled, you can also generate your invoice from your proposals (module Proposal), your orders (modules Order), your contracts (module Contract) and/or interventions (module [...]

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